On name changes in the Insider program, optional updates, and Windows in general

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On name changes in the Insider program, optional updates, and
Windows in general

Posted on June 18th, 2020 at 12:10


The hallmark of a good product numbering scheme is that you set
it once and forget it. Internal code names can run all over the
Iron Pyrite map. But version numbers are version numbers. It’s
insane that the XP-era Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server
2004 arrived seventeen years – and a half dozen versions –
apart. (Thx, @b – Let’s do the time warp again…)


The hallmark of a good beta testing program is that you set the
framework/nomenclature, and tweak the product until it works.
Microsoft has changed and abused its “Insider Ring” bafflegab
for years (remember how the Release Preview Ring was supposed
to have, uh, previews of releases? That didn’t last long.) We
now have Insider

Let’s see how long this distinction lasts.


Speaking of Preview Channels, MS is bringing back the
“optional, non-security” patches for Win10. ‘Softie Chris
Morrisey trips all over
[2] trying to
reconcile reality with terminology:

Based on feedback and the ongoing stabilization of business
continuity, we will resume optional releases in July of 2020
for Windows 10 and Windows Server, version 1809 and later, to
once again provide you with the ability to test planned
non-security fixes targeted for the next month’s Update
Tuesday (or “B”) release… to simplify update management for
IT, these “Preview” releases will be delivered in the “C”
week only. There is no change to the cumulative monthly
security updates (also referred to as the “B” release or
Update Tuesday release).

Puh-lease. I know lots of people who deal with Microsoft’s bad
patches – and I don’t know a single one who’s provided MS with
feedback that they want the old “optional, non-security, C/D
Week” patches back. Morrisey promises that the new version of
the Preview releases (not to be confused with the Preview
Channel, see above) will require a click on a “Download and
install” link.

If you’re confused by the terminology, think of it this way.
Patch Tuesday will still be on the second Tuesday of the month.
These Preview (not Preview Channel) patches are supposed to
arrive during the week containing the third Tuesday of the
month. In the past, they’ve appeared in the weeks containing
the third, fourth and fifth Tuesdays, but this time MS will do
better. Promise.


I have a theory. I bet that MS is bringing back the “optional,
non-security, C/D Week” patches specifically to handle the kind
of bug we saw last week, where the Patch Tuesday patch broke networked
[3] with PCL 5
and PCL 6 type 3 drivers. In the future, MS will be able to
recover from its Patch Tuesday blunders by telling punters to
install the optional update.

Wanna bet?

Don’t get me started about “non-security” patches fixing bugs
in security patches.